Fundraising Program

Brew Haha’s Gift Card Fundraising Program can help your 501c3 organization to easily raise funds through selling Brew Haha eGift Cards. Brew Haha will donate 20% of the total of all gift cards sold through the program.

  • Manager Dashboard to view fundraising progress in real time
  • Individual Student dashboards to view their individual sales
  • Fundraising by students can be done completely via email or social media
  • Supporters purchase the gift cards online through a specific link assigned to each student
  • No money is collected by the students
  • eGift cards are delivered almost instantly after purchase
  • The eGift cards are designed specifically for your fundraising program and can contain your logo
How does the program work?
  1. A representative from your organization meets with a representative from Brew Haha to work out a few details.
  2. The fundraising program is set up in the system and the fundraising manager (from your organization) will receive an email with instructions on how to access the dashboard.
  3. The manager enters the names and emails of each student in the organization or an excel file with student names and email addresses can be given to Brew Haha for bulk upload.
  4. Each student will then receive an email with instructions on how to access their specific dashboard.
  5. Students will copy their unique website link from the dashboard and use that link in an email or on social media to ask friend and family to support their fundraising efforts.
  6. Students will also receive a sample email to help with their fundrasing efforts.
  7. Supporters click the link and can purchase a gift card for any amount they choose from the secure GiftFly website.
  8. Upon completion of the purchase the eGift card is emailed to the supporter and the amount purchased is listed on both the student’s individual dashboard but also included in the fundraising manager dashboard.
  9. As the completion of the fundraising period Brew Haha will donate 20% of the total gift cards purchased through the program to the organization.
How do we start?
  • Contact us via our contact page to begin the fundraising process.