Coffee Trailer

Please Note:
Our trailer has been a major hit. We have taken it all over the metro. Because of its popularity, hard work and previously used status it has finally decided to retire as it was no longer safe to take it out on the road. We have a brand new, custom built trailer currently under construction and is scheduled to be delivered the middle of January 2022. Until then we are taking "trailer" reservations but would need a place indoors that we can set up and have outlets to plug in for power. If you would like to schedule an event but have questions please feel free to call Jason or send a message through our website.

Our Brew Haha Trailer is a great way to add something different to your party or event. Packed with everything from espresso machines and blenders to coffee pots and a fridge, we carry everything that we need to provide you and your guests with a complete coffee house on wheels. Whether it is a wedding or graduation, a block party or office party, customer appreciation or a business promotion, we can provide you with options that will fit your need. Check the mobile unit calendar, for availability and complete the form below and we will get back to you to solidify the arrangements as soon as possible. You must first create a free account or login, and then return here to book the trailer.

Trailer FAQ's

  • What drinks do you have besides coffee?
  • In addition to coffee and espresso, we have a variety of tea options, smoothies, and other non-coffee drinks such as hot chocolate and Italian sodas.
  • Do you have food?
  • Upon request we can bring various breakfast burritos and in-house pastries made by Archer Bakery that including scones, cinnamon rolls, tartlets, muffies and cookies.
  • What kind of events do you come to?
  • We have been to numerous kinds of events. We will come to all most anywhere that we are invited if schedule and local laws permit. We are not allowed to set up in many parks, and some cities require permits that must be acquired beforehand. We have enjoyed being part of HOA events, neighborhood garage sales, dance recitals, birthday parties, weddings, ribbon cuttings, schools, employee appreciations and even a Bar Mitzvah.
  • What do you need provided when you arrive?
  • As seen in the pictures, this truly is a trailer pulled by a truck. All the power is provided from a generator in the back of the truck bed so the two must stay together. The truck and the trailer together are about 35-40 feet long. We need to have a place reserved that we can pull into that will accommodate both the trailer and the truck. It is ideal to have a spot that we can pull straight in and straight out.
  • Is the generator loud?
  • Because of the large number of heating elements in the trailer, we require a pretty heavy-duty generator. It is rather noisy standing next to it, but the sound dissipates quickly. We actually do not have problems by the trailer window taking orders, but it is something to consider. You would not want to place us next to a string quartet. :)
  • Do you have a menu available to see what kinds of things are on the trailer and prices?
  • Mobile Menu (PDF)
  • What is the easiest way for my employees to order if I want to take care of the bill?
  • We have found that providing employees with a coupon is an easy and fun way to surprise them. It helps us to streamline the order taking process when they arrive at the trailer. We can simply jot a note as to what they ordered and take care of tallying the total for your later. Please feel free to use either of the coupon sheets below or design and use one of your own.
    Free Drink Coupon
    Free Drink and Food Item Coupon
  • Do you have a minimum?
  • If you have an open event, meaning that we can publicize that we are going to be at your location and the general public is welcome to come purchase from our trailer, we don’t charge a minimum. If it is a closed event, such as a graduation or birthday party, we have a $200 minimum. If you would like us to offer Snow Cones, the minimum will be applied, as this requires more setup and additional staff. Please contact us if you have any questions!
  • Do you have a travel fee?
  • We do not charge a travel fee if your event is within a 15 mile radius of our Mastin location. If the event is between a 15 and 30 mile radius from our shop, we add a $50 round trip travel fee. If you are looking at an event that is outside the 30 mile radius, please contact us for consideration and more information.

    Travel Fee Radius Map
    (Click for more detail)

  • How do I book the trailer?
  • You must first create a free account or login and then return here to book the trailer.