Brew Haha Mobile

Bringing the Quality of Brew Haha Coffeehouse to You

Our Brew Haha Trailer is a great way to add something different to your party, event or give your employees a special treat. Packed with everything from espresso machines to a fridge, we carry everything that we need to provide you and your guests with a complete coffee house on wheels. Whether it is a wedding or graduation, a block party or office party, customer appreciation, or business promotion, we can provide you with options that will fit your need. Check the trailer booking calendar below for availability, complete the inquiry form and we will get back to you to solidify the arrangements as soon as possible.

Advanced Ordering

We now have an advanced ordering system to help speed up drink creation and delivery. The trailer event organizers can be provided with a preorder link for all employees, teachers or other guests to place their orders. Each guest can enter their drink order complete with all of their prefered options. On the day of the trailer event we will arrive and begin making all preordered drinks. All drinks will be labeled and can either be delivered to their recipients via runners (setup and coordinated by the event organizer) or guests can be notified via text message that there drink is ready for pick up. Contact us today to learn more about this new and exciting trailer option! Check out an example of the Advanced Ordering for HERE.

Cold/Rainy Weather Adaptations

Even in cold or rainy weather we have methods and adaptations to help your guests stay warm and dry despite the weather outside. The back of our trailer is a fully enclosed, walk in porch with a digital menu and serving window. We can heat the porch so that our guests are warm and dry when ordering and/or waiting for their order. We also have a new method to allow your guests to place their order online prior to the event. All orders are registered to one ticket and can be paid online. The day of the event, we will prepare all drinks and your designated runners can deliver the drinks or our new system can text the guest that their order is ready for them to pick up at the trailer. We will work with you to make sure that even in the colder months that you can treat your guests while keeping them warm! Contact us to learn more or book your date and we will be in contact to work out all the details.

Mobile Calendar

To schedule your trailer booking CLICK HERE